Everything to know about beer and more

We've partnered with the great folks at American Beer Equipment to showcase the magic of brewing and have created the Bucking Mule Brewery.

Customers can walk into this cavalcade of beer nostalgia and see firsthand the tools of the trade. Watch an interesting video in how beer is made, learn the difference of over 130 beer styles, and check out the litany of interesting facts and laws surrounding the craft beer industry.

At the Brewery, guests can come to Beer Haven multiple days and have a different experience every time. That’s right; the Brewery is the attraction that brings you back yearning for more. From learning about the latest featured beer style or watching Brew Masters compete on stage as part of the Competition it just may take you a few days or a few weekends to learn everything that you wanted to know about beer.

Come Explore the Bucking Mule Brewery